Journal of Structural Design and Numerical Methods

Submission of Manuscript

Submission process: Journal of Structural Design and Numerical Methods (JSDNM) has online submission system which enables author to track the reviewer comments and article progress from submission to publication. Submission starts with author registration by clicking on the submit button provided below. The article has to be submitted online in 2 separate files (Cover letter & article file). Author name and affiliation are not required in the article file. The size of article files should not exceed 6 MB. Copyright transfer form, images etc should be uploaded through supporting file section along with any other supportive materials.

Processing of the manuscript

During manuscript subscription author is asked for the reviewer suggestions. However, the editor is not bound to consider the suggested reviewers. The status of the manuscript will be “New Manuscript” when it is submitted to the Journal. Then it will be forwarded to Chief-Editor of the Journal who will assign expert Editor for editorial review. The manuscript will be rejected or forwarded for the external review based on the decision of the Assigned Editor. After the external review, the first decision correction/rejection will be intimated to the author and the status of the same will be updated on the interface. The manuscripts in which modifications are suggested the author needs to modify it and update the comments in his/her account.  The manuscript received after correction will be considered as “Revised Manuscript” which will follow the same review process. After the review authors will receive the final decision on the manuscript.

Extra Page Charges

Page charges are not mandatory for manuscript within 6 pages. Pages beyond 6th will be considered extras and USD45 will be charged for each extra page. To keep track of number of pages, manuscript should be submitted in the JSDNM’s template.


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