Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics


Volume 1, Issue 1, June-July, 2016

Pages: 14-32

Computational modelling and mesh independence studies for the investigation of thermal conductivity behaviour for aluminium hybrid composites

Author: S A Mohan Krishna , T N Shridhar , L Krishnamurthy

Category: Mechanical


The thermal characterization of composite materials has been increasingly important in a wide range of applications. Thermal conductivity is one of the most important properties of metal matrix composites. Since nearly all metal matrix composites are used in various temperature ranges, measurement of thermal conductivity as a function of temperature is necessary in order to know the behaviour of the material. In this paper, determination of thermal conductivity has been accomplished for Al 6061, silicon carbide and graphite hybrid metal matrix composites from room temperature to 300°C. Aluminium based composites reinforced with silicon carbide and graphite particles have been prepared by stir casting. The thermal conductivity behaviour of hybrid composites with different percentage compositions of reinforcements has been investigated by using laser flash technique. The results have indicated that the thermal conductivity of the different compositions of hybrid metal matrix composites decreases by the addition of graphite (Gr) with silicon carbide (SiC) and Al 6061. Few empirical models have been validated concerning with the evaluation of thermal conductivity of composites. Mesh independence studies or numerical convergence test has been accomplished.

Keywords: Thermal characterization, thermal conductivity, thermal gradient, thermal flux, mesh independence studies and numerical convergence

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