Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics


Volume 1, Issue 2, August-September, 2016

Pages: 64-68

Effects of thermal treatment on mechanical properties and grain size of En8 steel                                                                                                                                                                    

Author: S S Sharma, Anudeep Mallarapu, Hiteshwar Upparapalli, Chirag Rai

Category: Mechanical


Steels are generally thermally (heat) treated in order to achieve desirable changes in their microstructure and mechanical properties. The Effects of heat treatment cycles on the microstructure and some mechanical properties of En8 steel have been studied and presented in this paper. The heat treatment cycles given are annealing, normalising and hardening. Sample of steel is purchased and various specimens are prepared for tests of mechanical properties. The changes in properties (tensile yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, fracture strength, percentage elongation, hardness and grain size) are examined and studied. Standard tests are performed to find the properties and the microstructure is observed using metallurgical microscope. Result analysis showed increment in mechanical properties of En8 steel with suitable heat treatment cycles.

Keywords: Heat treatment, En8 steel, mechanical properties, microstructure

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