Swarm Intelligence and Numerical Methods

Editor-in-Chief:   Prof. Ling WANG,
                                   Department of Automation,
                                   Tsinghua University
, China

Supports Open Access

Swarm Intelligence and Numerical Methods journal is committed to publish good quality, peer-reviewed original research work and review articles on the recent developments in the multidisciplinary field of Swarm Intelligence, its applications in real world and Numerical methods.

Swarm Intelligence is the collective behavior of relatively homogeneous biological individuals interacting with each other and their environment in a decentralized self-organized system. This kind of nature-inspired artificial intelligence resulting from the swarm principles can offer insights to help humans to solve complicated real world problems using optimization algorithms. Topics like modeling and analysis of such systems that mostly involves theoretical, practical and experimental work is focused in the journal. SINM also addresses contributions on numerical methods and their optimization, algorithm development and mathematical modeling which can be applied in solving not just engineering problems but in all the vital areas of sciences, technology and industry.

The scope of the SINM includes but not limited to: newly proposed algorithms, particle swarm optimization, genetic algorithms and its modifications, ant colony optimization, swarm intelligence of artificial bees and fireflies algorithms, teaching learning based optimization algorithm, swarm robotics and their cooperative behavior, bacterial foraging optimization, hybridization of swarm intelligence optimization, self organizing systems, artificial immune systems, review and comparative studies of swarm intelligence, flocking and schooling in birds and fish, swarm intelligence of wasps and termites, swarm inspired methods for solving real world problems and new methodologies in different domains, modeling and analysis of numerical algorithms, mathematical modeling and analysis, review and analysis of mathematical or numerical modeling  or algorithms, computational engineering, new emerging topics on multi-scale, multi-physics or multi-disciplinary research, optimization techniques, statistical simulations, computer simulations, verification and validation, element technology, theoretical work or modeling on network, solution techniques and parallel computing, mesh generation, damage and fracture, mechanics at micro and nano scales, electromagnetic, error estimation, low-speed fluid dynamics, coupled diffusion phenomena, fluid structure interaction.

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