Rational publication is an association, under which our first online journal JMEB (Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics) was started in the year 2015. JMEB provides a platform to scientists and researchers of mechanical and biomechanical engineering fields that support high level of learning and research. With the quality authors, researchers, scientists and professionals associating with JMEB, Rational Publication is now coming up with other specialized journals in various disciplines of Science, Engineering and Technology.

Rational Publication is devoted to publish only the original work (research articles, review articles, conference reports and technical notes) which can contribute to the society and help scholars, researchers to pursue them for the advancement and development of technology. Rational Publication publishes literature to meet the research information needs of the present and future authors, researchers, scholars and industry professionals. We are committed to promote exchange of information and ideas among professionals in diverse fields of engineering and to make our journals widely available to the society.

We have hybrid access journals out of which Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics (JMEB) Journal of Computation and Artificial Intelligence in Mechanics and Biomechanics (JCAIMB), and Journal of Structural Design and Numerical Methods (JSDNM) are under Open Access category whereas Interntional Journal of Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IJIAS) is a hybrid access journal. Hybrid access journals offers the authors to publish their manuscript as open or closed access whereas Open  Access journals are published with the aim of being freely available online to readers.

Manuscripts (Research articles, review articles, technical notes, conference proceedings) on various disciplines of Biomechanics, Computational Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence, Structural Design, Mechanical Science, Optimization and Numerical Methods, Intelligent Autonomous Systems and Mechanical are invited for submission with us.

Frequency of Publication

Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics (JMEB) our scholarly online, blind peer reviewed Open Access , already running bimonthly journal, we publish six issues per year.

Interntional Journal of Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IJIAS): Manuscripts are also invited for our first issue of Hybrid Access online journal with 4 issues per year. It welcomes contributions from multi-disciplinary contents including robots, machines, and systems that are rapidly achieving intelligence and autonomy, mastering more and more capabilities such as mobility and manipulation, sensing and perception, reasoning and decision making. Articles on theoretical, computational, application-oriented, and experimental studies as well as reviews related to IAS are welcome.

Journal of Computation and Artificial Intelligence in Mechanics and Biomechanics (JCAIMB) is a scholarly online peer review open access journal that publishes only quality, peer-reviewed original research work on the recent developments in the multidisciplinary field of computation and artificial intelligence in mechanics and biomechanics. This journal is an open access online journal  which publishes three issues per year. Manuscripts with novel works in the said fields are welcome for our first issue.

Journal of Structural Design and Numerical Methods (JSDNM) is quaterly published online peer reviewed Open Access journal which aims at publishing all aspects of computational based structural design, numerical methods and engineering techniques that covers all advanced engineering applications. 

Rational Publication Open Access Policies

At Rational Publication, our purpose is to provide quality scientific information for everyone to promote technological advancement for the benefit of society. To achieve this aim, all the journals of Rational Publication offer open access.

Open Access

Open Access means, the articles published by the authors are freely available to the readers, where everyone can read and download them without paying any fees. Rational Publication offers both Green and Gold Open Access publishing choice to authors.

In Gold open access the author can post the final ‘publisher version of Record’ [1] of their article immediately after publication into a repository by paying Article Publishing Charges (APC); whereas, Green open Access at Rational Publication means the author can post only their ‘Accepted manuscript’ [1] (not the final publisher Version of Record’) into a repository, after an embargo period of 6 months of publications. 

Green Open Access

 The ‘Accepted Manuscript’[1] can be archived on the authors’ personal or departmental WebPages, repositories, databases, social media, and academic social networks like Mendeley, ResearchGate, Academia, Kudos etc., after an embargo period of 6 months of publication. Also, no fees are to be paid by the authors in Green Open Access model of publication. The cost of publication is covered by the subscription fees of the journal.


The Article’s copyright will be conferred on the Author. By signing the copyright form which will be sent to the author upon acceptance of the manuscript, the author warrants that the article is the original work of the Author and neither has it been published previously, nor is under consideration elsewhere for publication, and it does not contain any  unlawful or false statements, and does not violate the rights of others in any respect.

Also, the author agree to indemnify Rational Publication for, and hold Rational Publication harmless from, any liability, loss, expense or damage occasioned by any claim by a third party for copyright infringement or otherwise arising out of any breach of the foregoing warranties as a result of publication of the article as aforesaid.

While submitting the form upon acceptance of the article by Rational Publication the author will be given the option to select from the two Creative Commons licenses:

  • CC-BY: Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 “This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. This is the most accommodating of licenses offered. Recommended for maximum dissemination and use of licensed materials” as stated on Creative Commons Website.
  • CC-BY-NC: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0: NC means Non Commercial. In this license all the properties stated above under CC BY license are the same except that the user cannot use the content for Commercial purposes.

Gold Open Access

Rational Publication helps the author to get their articles published that best suits their preferences or their funding requirements. This means that if the author wants to share the “Publisher Version” of the article online, immediately after publication they can publish with Gold Open Access model of publication.

Gold Open Access at Rational Publication means that the Article Publishing Charges (APC) are paid by the author, or the funding agency, or the institution after the article has been accepted for publication. After the article has been published it can be shared by the author on personal or departmental webpages, repositories, databases, social media, and academic social networks right after publication. The APCs are mentioned on the Journal’s Instructions to Authors webpage.


In Gold Open Access model of publication Author (s) retain the copyright of their work. At Rational Publication, CC BY license is applicable on the all the articles published under Gold Open access model of publication.

Note that the author retains the copyright in the Article and no rights in patents, trademarks or other intellectual property rights are transferred to Rational Publication (Journal Owner). The author grants the license of publishing rights to Rational Publication which gives Rational Publication the exclusive right to make or sub-license commercial use.

Please note that if the author is posting the ‘Publisher Version of Record (VoR)’ [1] * of the article on any website or repository, he must acknowledge the journal as the original source of publication (by citing the link to journal website and its DOI) in the form of a full citation.

[1] *Versions of a manuscript defined as:

  • Author’s Original: Manuscript as submitted by author before peer review.
  • Accepted Manuscript: Manuscript submitted by author that has been through peer review but copyediting, typesetting or metadata are yet to be applied.
  •  Publisher Version of Record:Finished article that has been copyedited, typeset or metadata applied.

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