International Journal of Intelligent Autonomous Systems

The International Journal of Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IJIAS) publishes original research articles contributing to all the areas of theoretical and experimental methodologies of Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS). The IJIAS is a scholarly, online and peer-reviewed hybrid access journal published quarterly by Rational Publication. The journal aims at encouraging original contributions toward latest advancements in new theories, new techniques and new applications related to IAS.

The IJIAS is poised to be a world-class refereed journal which publishes excellent original articles related to topics on IAS and to advance the frontier of Intelligent Autonomous Technologies for the benefits of the society. This journal aims to rapidly disseminate the latest research accomplishments, innovations and visions in the field of IAS by leading scientists, researchers, engineers and practitioners from all over the world. It welcomes contributions from multi-disciplinary contents including robots, machines and systems that are rapidly achieving intelligence and autonomy, mastering more and more capabilities such as mobility and manipulation, sensing and perception, reasoning and decision making. Articles on theoretical, computational, application-oriented and experimental studies as well as reviews related to IAS are welcome.

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Meng Joo Er
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
Nanyang Technological University , Singapore,



Rational Publication proudly announces that IJIAS Chief Editor, Meng Joo Er, has been  selected for his noteworthy contribution in the field of "Robotics and Automation" and will be conferred with the title of "Amity Researcher Award"  in the Confluence-2018 - Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering, at Amity Uniersity India.                                                                                          Dated: 18th Dec 2017                           


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