Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics


Volume 2, Issue 2, Aug-Sept, 2017

Pages: 8-14 DOI:

A parametric optimization of wire-ED turning process parameters on material removal rate of INCONEL 718

Author: GM Naik, S Narendranath

Category: Mechanical


Wire electric discharge turning of INCONEL 718 has been carried out to investigate the effects of input parameters on Material Removal Rate, and also discussed the influence of input parameters on response as stated by ANOVA technique. In this research work, the machining parameters such as rotational speed, pulse on time, pulse off time, servo voltage, wire feed rate and flushing pressure were considered at different levels in Taguchi mixed type orthogonal array experiments, This has been identified the optimal level of machining parameters to maximize the material removal rate is 250rpm, 124µs, 40µs, 18V,2m/min, 1.8bar. However, the experimental results revealed that the pulse on time has most significant effect on material removal rate. DOI:https:/

Keywords: Wire-EDT, MRR, ANOVA, INCONEL 718

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