Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics


Volume 2, Issue 5 Special Issue- Biomechanics, February-March, 2018

Pages: 34-35 DOI:

Editorial to introduce the Special Issue on ‘Biomechanics’

Author: Maria G. Fernandes, Elza M. Fonseca

Category: Biomechanics


For this Special Issue different works were submitted and accepted for publication. The spectrum of these contributions provides an exceptional understanding and a complete basis for future research in the field of Biomechanics. This Special Issue contains contributions conducted in experimental, theoretical, or computational approaches and their interactions. The aim of the Special issue is to present the current state of the Biomechanics field in terms of research applications and to inspire discussion on the future direction. The Special Issue is composed of original papers provided by scientists, as experts in the field, and covers a wide range of applications promoting a sherd understanding of the Special Issue scope.

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