Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics


Volume 2, Issue 6, April-May

Pages: 94-99 DOI:

Risk management in Indonesia’s HTGR-10 plan: A preliminary study

Author: Sri Sudadiyo

Category: Engineering


Risk management is one of main tools applied to industrial engineering including for nuclear plant construction projects. There is significance need to manage risks during those construction projects. Objective of this paper is to explore and to predict potential risks in management process by selecting Indonesia’s HTGR-10 located in Serpong as a preliminary study. Risks of each component at construction project are identified, assessed, analyzed, and evaluated by using method of literature review and expert opinion considerations. Risks are mainly related to clients, manufacturers, contractors, vendors, finance, governmental institutions, policy, and designers. Value of risk significance index score is calculated to determine rank of identified risks. Assessment process result indicates that potential risks spread through nearly entire components and many risks occur at more than one component. Results of comprehensive analysis and evaluation are decided as much as eight potential risks. Components of nuclear power plant cycle (NPP) and steam cycle with condensing turbine (SCT) are in category of high risky. This preliminary study is expected to contribute in the construction plan of Indonesia’s HTGR-10. DOI:

Keywords: risk management, construction project, nuclear power plant, condensing turbine, HTGR-10

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