Journal of Computation and Artificial Intelligence in Mechanics and Biomechanics

Journal of Computation and Artificial Intelligence in Mechanics and Biomechanics (JCAIMB) is a scholarly online peer review open access journal that publishes only quality, peer-reviewed original research work on the recent developments in the multidisciplinary field of computation and artificial intelligence in mechanics and biomechanics.


 Jorge Belinha (PT)              
 Department of Mechanical Engineering
 School of Engineering, Polytechnic of Porto (ISEP)
 Senior Researcher at Institute of Science and Innovation in
 Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (INEGI) -

 Director of  Computational Mechanics Research Laboratory (CMech-Lab) -



Frequency: 3 issues per year


JCAIMB is interested in the following areas of mechanics and biomechanics combined with some degree of artificial intelligence:

  • Numerical methods development in solid, fluid mechanics and materials simulations
  • Computational applications in biomechanics in medicine
  • Computational applications in mechanics in structures
  • Simulations of nonlinear structural phenomena, such as multiphysics, fracture mechanics, multiscale mechanics, topological optimization, dynamic analysis, large deformations, material non-linearity (plasticity, damage, hyper-elasticity, etc.)
  • Development, revision or enhancement of mesh-based (FEM, BEM, VEM), particle and meshfree/meshless methods
  • Computational mechanobiology and simulations of cell mechanics and mechanotransduction
  • Hemodynamics and biofluids
  • Modelling, design and assessment of medical devices and implants
  • Dental biomechanics (computational design of prostheses and analysis of dental tissues)
  • Machine and deep learning for simulating structural and biological behaviours
  • Pattern recognition and neural network algorithms combined with computational mechanics and biomechanics.

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